How We Work for the Community

The objective of Oxford Area Civic Association (OACA) is to financially support qualified organizations in the Borough of Oxford and the surrounding communities and to encourage our fellow citizens to assist and support these organizations as they aid our fellow citizens and endeavor to make our community thrive.

The Building Blocks for Our Work

The OACA Board of Directors meets quarterly to discuss how best to serve human needs within our community. The Board invites human services agencies to report on their work in the Greater Oxford Area and to assess the financial needs of these agencies. When the Board identifies a financial support opportunity, OACA provides appropriate funding to encourage the success of the agencies program.

To achieve success in our work we look for:

  • People as an important resource to administrate, appropriate, and fundraise for OACA.
  • Money on an annual and short term basis to fund activities and operations.
  • Money on an endowment basis to provide for the long term needs of our community.

You can contribute to the OACA's work does by joining the Board. You can also attend a Board meeting to observe and gather more information as well as meet current volunteers. Please contact us at 610-932-2619 for more information.

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