Oxford Area Civic Association

Vision Statement

The Mission of the Oxford Area Civic Association (OACA) is to respond to human needs and services, promote development and support public interests in the Borough of Oxford and surrounding communities.

Mission Statement

The Mission of OACA is to encourage community growth and unity while providing support to the needs of our citizens, including:

  • Raising funds to finance community projects through public donations, private donations, grant allocations, and community events.
  • Fostering awareness and participation in meeting community needs via electronic and print communications.
  • Aiding and facilitating the Borough of Oxford and surrounding communities in economic and business advancement thereby creating resources for human services
  • Allocating donated funds as voted upon by Board members to support the OACA Vision Statement.


In 1938, as the great Depression brought many communities in the USA to struggle with increasing poverty our nonprofit corporation was formed by a group of Oxford area citizens to further the Community's response to human needs. OACA continued its good work even as the nation's economy began to recover- recognizing that - even in the best of times – individual hardship exists and mandates a civic response.

OACA Board of Directors

  • Kathleen Capel
  • Kevin Collins
  • Karen Finley
  • Donald MacMillan
  • David Haradon
  • Buzz Tyson
  • Patrick J. Curran
  • Jane Freeman
  • Darien White
  • Dr. Tonya Nowell-Neville

Down town Oxford, PA